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Well to say it lightly, we do some pretty amazing web design projects here in Folsom. We have helped small business owners all over Folsom and the greater Sacramento area create the website design of their dreams. Every design that our design team creates is based off your ideas, concept, mission and vision to better create the website design of your dreams. Web design is more than just a website, it’s a work of art and each of our designers are happy to see you 100% happy with the end result in your design, rest assured by choosing Website Design Folsom, you will be 100% satisfied with the end result and we stop and nothing until you think its perfect.

Custom Web Design Folsom

Web Design Folsom - Design

Our expert team of certified design and developers who specialize in Website Design in Folsom have the latest design software and skills to get the job done. Our web design professionals will leave your friends and family in awe of your new website design. Whether you are looking for a custom website for a franchise or a web design and brand identity package, Website Design Folsom is here to help! From a full blown interactive website to a unique 1 page design, Website Design Folsom is here to help!

With many different in-house design styles, Website Design Folsom can design something simple, corporate, outlandish, contemporary, casual and anything else you can imagine. Whether you are and interior designer looking for Web Design or a fortune 500 company, Website Design Folsom can create a web design around your idea, brand, concept mission and vision.

Web Development Folsom

The programming skills at Website Design Folsom far surpass our competition! Why? Well we did develop our own SEO system that has more functions and technologies integrated than NASA. Ok, well maybe not NASA, but our programmers are so good that whatever you can dream, or web development team can program. Being that our software is proprietary we don’t have to charge you 1000’s of dollars for a website, everything for the most part has already been programmed.

Web development is more than just a skill, it’s a lifestyle full interesting things such as html, .net, php, CSS, Java and more. If you don’t understand any of that, no worries, we went to school for it. Our web development can program a website that your company needs. Call us today!

Logo Design Folsom

Logo Design Folsom

Are you looking for a brand? Website Design Folsom has the logo design skills to create something spectacular for you and your new business. We’re not the kind of logo design company in Folsom that will buy you a stock logo and call it a day. From start to finish, every logo concept we draft up is created from a blank canvas which starts from your color ideas, business model, mission and vision. To see a business start with an idea and end up with a full blown brand identity is one of the most rewarding moments in design.

Our custom logo design team will create a logo for not only your business but your Facebook fan page, newsletters, Yelp, Twitter backgrounds and all social media profiles. The most important part of creating a logo design, is to create something universal that will work where ever you need to brand your identity. Whether you are looking to put your logo design on a billboard or a flyer, the Website Design Folsom Logo team has you covered.

Graphic Design Folsom

Graphic Design Folsom

From custom poster designs, business card designs, flyer designs and more, Website Design Folsom can draft up a professional work of art for your business that will set you apart from the competition. Brand identity is one of the most crucial part of success in the print design world today. With many businesses alike in your industry, it is important to have a graphic design that “pops” and stands out from every other vista print business card out there. If you have an idea that you are thinking about, contact our business card design team here at Website Design Folsom and be amazed at the outcome.

Our graphic design services range from business cards to billboards and full car or boat wraps. Keeping your business ahead of the curve and having branding everywhere you turn will be the difference of brand recognition and overall brand awareness. Your identity is important, Let the graphic design team at Website Design Folsom help create yours today!

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  • Website Research & Development
  • Website Analytics & Performance
  • Premium Website Coding
  • In-House Videography
  • In-House Photography
  • Social Media Integration
  • Responsive Design Ranking
  • Mobile & Tablet Website Design
  • E-Commerce Website Design
  • Custom Payment Integration & SSL’s

Some Blog Posts

Responsive Web Design Folsom, CA
Responsive Web Design Folsom

Responsive Web Design Folsom

Is your website Responsive? Have you ever heard of a Responsive Website?

If this is the first time hearing of this technology, we can get you up to speed on responsive website design. Responsive web design is the process of designing a website that “responds” to different devices differently.

Responsive Web Design Example

  • If device = 2000px width then display: Desktop Display
  • If device = 1080px width then display: iPad Horizontal Display
  • If device = 780px width then display: iPad Vertical Display
  • If device = 400px width then display: iPad Horizontal Display
  • If device = 320px width then display: iPad Vertical Display
  • Example of a Responsive Website: Front Street Media

This is just a round about pixel, its not exact. This just explains that responsive website have certain break points in which they change the display to the user. Responsive websites are a very user friendly website that will give your customers easier access to the pages they want to navigate to or away from. Conversion rates with responsive websites tend to increase due to the overall user friendliness.