Directory Marketing (Backlinks, Etc.)

Directory Marketing for your Online Marketing Campaign

One of the perennial questions for website developers and website owners in Folsom, CA is, “how do search engines tell whether a site deserves to be on the first page of results?” There are many ways that Google and other search engines determine who the lucky ones are. One way is through high-quality content. Another way is through directory marketing.

What is directory marketing?

When other sites link to yours, search engines believe that you have an important and high-quality site. Site referrals are like personal recommendations from websites. By marketing your website in free online directories, you are showing Google and Bing that your website matters enough for another website to recommend it.

Is it foolproof?

Well, no. It’s easy to “cheat” with backlinks and get a whole bunch of links to your website from sites that are basically link farms. They charge you a certain amount of money, promise a certain number of links, and deliver those links – but they are low-quality links. When the search engine discovers the low-quality links, you will drop quickly in rankings. That is why you need an expert website manager to take care of directory marketing and to get you high quality backlinks that will help your campaign, not hurt it.

What can Website Designer Folsom do?


We can get you featured in high quality directories for your type of business. We can get people clicking through when they search for businesses in Folsom. We can help your online marketing campaign with directory marketing and backlinks. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation on online directory marketing for your Folsom, CA business!

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