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What to do with an eCommerce Website Design and SEO Campaign in Folsom?

Hopefully if you running an eCommerce website, you are not targeting Folsom, CA alone. If you are located in Folsom and looking for an eCommerce website design company that also specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have found the right company. Our expert website design team in Folsom has ran many successful eCommerce website design projects that includes SEO. If you build it, they will come is not really a saying that works in web design anymore and especially an eCommerce website. If you are running an eCommerce website, the first and foremost thing you need is SEO or at least a good PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing campaign to bring you enough traffic to sustain your sales. Hopefully, if you have an eCommerce website you already have an SEO campaign running, if not, its never too late to start.

Starting an eCommerce SEO campaign

If you are looking to start an SEO campaign for your eCommerce website the first thing you need is an excellent content strategy, next comes your link strategy, next will be your social strategy and final will come your analytic strategy. There are a thousand more items you will need to focus on in order for your eCommerce website campaign to be successful., however these main items are the most important. When starting your campaign, find your keywords and figure out what you want to rank for. Realistic expectations are key here. If you are selling soft pillows, don’t try to rank for “Soft Pillows” out of the gates. Instead try to rank for keywords a bit more attainable like “Soft Pillows for Neck Pain”. This keyword probably has less competition than the simple “Soft Pillows” keyword, who knows it might not, we haven’t looked into this, but if you sell soft pillows, we can help.

The whole point here is to be realistic in your approach in an SEO campaign, especially for eCommerce. eCommerce SEO is one of the toughest styles of SEO that a company will ever get hired for.

We are absolutely the best in eCommerce SEO, we have design many different eCommerce websites that include SEO. If you are looking to start a SEO campaign for your eCommerce website, please give us call today and we can help you out.

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