Must Have Elements in Web Design


The world of web design is changing at lightning speed. As technology gets faster and software gets more sophisticated, customers’ expectations of the websites they visit also increases astronomically. Here are some of the must-have elements in web design that will get customers reading your site and sticking around to buy.

Make your content relevant

People only read a page for a couple of seconds before deciding whether to leave the page or look further. Your content needs to be highly relevant to what they are looking for, or they will click away.

Lead with a clear statement of what you are all about and how you can meet your customers’ needs. This isn’t a time to gently lead your readers to your main point. Remember, they are only going to read for a couple of seconds before they decide if your site is worth their time or not. Get straight to the punch line.

Have multiple formats for your information. Some people like videos and some won’t watch them for any reason. Some people want to click around your website and others would prefer to have the information delivered to their inbox in bite-size chunks. Some people want charts that they can download, and some people want to read blog posts. Make sure you provide information in a multitude of ways so that your customers can get it in whatever format they like best.

Make your start page dynamic.

Whether your customers come to your website from a link in an email, an ad on their sidebar, or a recommendation on social media, they are all going to get funneled through your start page. This is your chance to show your customers who you are and what they will find here.

Your start page must be responsive and is where your visitors will make the decision to leave or stick around. If you want them to stay (and, of course, you do), there are two things you need to do.

  • Have a very clear message. Your visitors need to know exactly who you are and what you do as soon as they hit your website.
  • Have a very clear path that they need to follow. Your visitors need to know how your service works or why they need your product. They don’t want to click around on your site to find out. They want you to tell them exactly where to go to get the full experience of your website. Don’t be afraid to be blatant – a big fat “START HERE” is a great way to show visitors how to navigate your site. As a bonus, people are more likely to obey direct commands, so you’ll end up with more click conversions.

Integrate social media in your Web Design

Whether you love Twitter or hate it, whether you are addicted to Facebook or can’t stand seeing your family members’ political opinions, the fact is that social media is here to stay. You can either live with it or become a dinosaur and watch your business plummet.

Integrate social media buttons on your site so that people can easily share the information they read. Put a ticker on your sidebar so visitors to your website can see what you are saying on Twitter in real time.

Social media is a way to become a real person to customers who otherwise think of you as a faceless business. This is a great tool for marketers and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of it!

SEO, SEO, SEO…. and then maybe more SEO!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of making sure your page appears at the top of search engine results. You can have the most beautiful page in the world, and if you don’t have good SEO, nobody will ever find you.

There are many strategies for getting to the top of the results list. As quickly as Google puts out a new algorithm, designers re-strategize to get their sites at the top. In the world of bots and spam, it is a constant game of cat-and-mouse for search engines to stay in front of low-quality websites that use blackhat techniques to increase their rankings.

This means that for whitehat (that is, legitimate) sites that actually provide good content, pressure is high to always know what the search engines are looking for. Right now, the key is a magic combination of relevant information, constant posting, high quantities of information, and an average visitor length that shows that real people come to your site and spend some time reading it. With the next algorithm update, the magic key may be something else entirely.

Obviously, it would be exhausting and nearly impossible for an individual entrepreneur to stay on top of the search engine requirements so as to make sure their site was always at the top of Google or Bing. That’s why we’re here. At Website Design Folsom and Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills, we will take care of your SEO. You can focus on your business, and enjoy seeing your site rise in search engine rankings and traffic increasing.

We specialize in building websites that generate traffic and drive conversions. Let Front Street Media take care of your website for you, so you can get the results you deserve from your online business.

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