What your website should look like in 2017

As a business, your website is your digital stamp and your first impression to prospective customers.

As a result, how it presents itself is very important!  Not only does your website need to be crisp and modern, it also needs to do an excellent job of communicating with the customer.  This requires meticulously crafted content that lets the customer know who you are and why they should trust you with their business.  This content should be categorized into at least 4 pages on your website:  About Me/Who We Are, Services/Products, Our Clients, and Contact.  We will be using a client’s website, Alpen Technology Group, to illustrate!

About Me/Who We Are

Whether you go with “About Me” or “Who We Are” is a personal preference.  Regardless, the about me page is a personal statement to prospective clients.  This is where you strive to make a personal connection with page visitors and give them a peek into the heart of the organization and the values and standards you abide by.

“Alpen Technology Group is dedicated to striving to make a difference in the local community by offering competitive rates for local non-profits. We take pride in taking part in their missions and enjoy participating in their outreach community events.”

Alpen Technology Group is a full-service information technology consulting firm and IT service provider in Sacramento, California. This excerpt from their about me page is a splendid example of how to connect with prospective clients and create value from the values your organization hold dear.


Your services/products page should layout your offerings in an easily digestible way.  Prospective Clients should be able to see the quality in your services and/or products.  This page should have all the information that prospective clients need to move from being a prospective client, to a loyal customer.

Our Clients

When was the last time you went to a new restaurant without first looking up what others had to say about it?  Word of mouth and peer review are some of the most powerful tools in client acquisition.  Positive reviews significantly add to the perception of credibility as people generally consider the opinion of others before deciding on spending their time and/or money.    Leveraging the great relationships that you worked hard to build with your clients to increase your credibility is a no brainer.  An “Our Clients” page allows you to share this positive relationship with prospective customers.  A well-crafted page includes testimonies from top clients that shine a spotlight on what makes your product or service special.

A positive review like the one above could be the deciding factor between moving forward and considering other options.


A contacts page should provide prospective clients the information they need to verify your identity and contact you.  Your phone number, email address, and office address should be included.  This page should also entice prospective clients to reach out.  If you are selling products, this could take the form of having a built-in address form that allows samples to be sent to prospective clients.  If you offer services, providing a free quote is helpful to prospective clients as it empowers them to play the market.  At the same time, it is a great way to get the conversation going and position yourself to make a sale.

Depending on the size of your organization and the purpose of the website, your website can be much more complex or even simpler.  However, with these four categories covered, you can rest easy that your website has the necessities to hold its own in 2017.

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