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Located in Folsom, the Website Design Folsom can achieve just about any end-goal you are looking to achieve. With that being said, is WIX the right choice for you? Maybe… Read along and lets find out what is so special about the new WIX ADI for Web Design.

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One of the most exciting innovations in web design is the brand new artificial intelligence designer from Wix. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) doesn’t just help you build a beautiful website; it also scrapes the web for your topic, niche, and location and makes suggestions for improving your website based on trends and designs that are getting results.

Why would you want artificial intelligence design?

On the one hand, artificial intelligence is not yet to the point of being able to create art. If you were to leave your entire web design task to robots, you would probably not be extremely happy with the results.

On the other hand, your job is not to troll the interwebs for new design trends all the time. (Unless it is, in which case Wix ADI is going to be completely redundant for you.)

You need a website that looks on point and thats what Wix will Promise you!

“Wix ADI isn’t just a new website builder – it sets a new market standard for web design. We have been at the forefront of this market for nearly a decade, and now as one of the leading AI technology providers, we will make website creation accessible and easy for everyone.”


You want your customers to get the impression that you are sleek and sophisticated, and that you are on top of all the latest in your field. That impression comes from having a website that is sleek, sophisticated, and on top of the latest trends, at least for your industry and your area. That’s what Wix does.

The idea behind Wix is very simple, but it requires a very intricate tool to make it happen. As your competitors make changes to their websites, you get suggestions about how to improve your own website.

You can take those ideas as fodder for new designs you come up with, or you can simply accept the suggestions and let Wix make the changes itself. You can even set it up so that Wix automatically makes the changes it would otherwise suggest to you, so that your website is improving automatically.

No Cookie Cutter Webites?  – No Way!

The fear that many designers and developers have, thinking of an AI service that finds new web design trends and implements them on your site, is that all the sites will end up looking the same. This is what has recently happened with Responsive Website Design in that most mobile “responsive” sites all look the same these days. 

Wix insists that the sites it creates are not cookie cutter. It takes into account the “feel” of sites in your industry, so that whatever your business is your site will reflect it. A cupcake shop has a different emotional connection with its customers than a discount shoe outlet, and Wix is able to take into that and give you variations both large and subtle which put your website squarely within the identity of your industry.

Location Based Design

This part is confusing, especially if your business is not highly dependent on location. It is unclear at this point whether Wix is using the city, state, postal code, or other location information about the IP address from which the different sites are created and/or managed, or whether it is using location keywords from the site to determine your local competition. You can also opt not to tell Wix ADI your location, but it won’t be able to come up with such targeted suggestions for you.

If your business is location-based (for example, if you are a photographer whose clients are going to be local by definition), it is obvious why it would be beneficial to keep track of what other local businesses in your industry are doing with their websites.

When customers go online to price compare, they will also subconsciously be comparing your websites. If you are not keeping up with the website trends of your local competitors, your bookings and sales might suffer. If you are running a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, then this might just come in handy. But, we are still a little unsure of exactly how this works. 

It’s Free to Start

One of the biggest draws of Wix ADI is that it is free to get started. There are also paid subscriptions, and of course they have increasing levels of benefits depending on how much you are paying. But you don’t need to pay any money to build a website and see for yourself just how Wix can help you. 

Is Beauty Quantifiable?

To have AI do a task, you have to have something quantifiable that the AI can think about. This very principle causes the idea of AI design to rankle with many designers, because of course art and beauty cannot be quantified.

However, while art cannot be quantified, it is completely possible to write an algorithm which looks at the different pages on a site, the content that is being posted, whether they are using parallax scrolling or not, how many pixels from the left the main image is, and all the other actually quantifiable features of a website.

This information can then be used by ADI to suggest to you, perhaps, that most of your competitors have a page for customer testimonials and that you should consider putting one up as well.

Add-ons and Plugins

Wix is a competitor of WordPress, which has long ad the market advantage in website building. There is, however, one huge difference between Wix and WordPress: Wix is not open source. While any developer can make a plugin for WordPress, all the plugins on Wix are native. This means that there is less versatility and less to choose from with Wix, but it also means that you will not accidentally put on a plugin that will slow down or break your site.

Wix vs WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento

Need I say more…

WordPress is still the leader for website creation. It has many more customers and premium subscribers than Wix does. However, as user sophistication increases, WordPress becomes increasingly clunky. Many times, it is necessary to have a knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to make a WordPress site do what you want it to. Check out this review on WordPress Vs. Wix in a head to head comparison. I think it is pretty on point. 

Wix has fewer options, but it is far easier to use for the basic pest control company admin. 

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